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Burglary Attempts that Prove Basic Security is Effective

Posted on 23 September 2015

Security is important in this day and age and whether it’s with our business property or our homes, we should all take care to have at least the minimum amount of security in place to protect ourselves. There are a lot of strange and unusual people out there, potential opportunist burglars or hardcore thieves, looking to disrupt your home or your business. But on occasion we see the most ludicrous attempts at mischief which end up becoming almost farcical. So lets take a more lighthearted view of some ridiculous scenarios that have occurred from failed burglaries, bank robberies and alike.



In Redding, California a man was seen walking outside a convenience store late at night, after it had closed. This “gentleman” was wearing pyjama bottoms and what looked to be a pair of stockings on his head and after peering through the doors he wanders off only to return full “masked” and then proceeds to throw an object at the door windows. Unfortunately, these windows were clearly built to last and they only cracked, causing the perpetrator to hot-foot it out of the car-park, tripping over head-first in the process.

The lesson? Strong and secure windows or shutters are a great deterrent against opportunist thieves. Especially the disorganised ones.

Say Cheese

In Bristol, a young offender, Aaron Evans decided to break into a car in an NCP car park in order to steal a sat nav device. However, he was caught on camera thanks to a hidden surveillance camera that was rigged up in the car for added security. Normally this would give the police quite a bit to go on but in this particular case their job was even easier because Aaron had a tattoo on his neck of his name and his date of birth. He also happened to have it on the right side of his body which was ideal for the cameras taking his picture.

The lesson? Even older or commonly-used security tactics still work as a great deterrent but sometimes, they can actually deliver more than you could hope for. Hidden cameras are great for protecting your business or private property.

Glass Doors can be secure

There is a train of thought that perhaps glass doors are not ideal for protecting business property anymore but there are so many variations now, with reinforced glass and bullet-proof glass, that they can stop outside attacks, albeit for a limited time. In Philadelphia, A Chinese food shop was attacked by someone brandishing a gun and shooting at the glass door. The customers inside fought to hold the door closed whilst the assailant was attacking. The door, although damaged did not shatter, even after suffering several direct shots. The gunman ran away, failing miserably.

The lesson? Use as strong a glass as you can get for your property’s doors. Most burglars or thieves will give up after unsuccesfully breaking in.

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