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Small Businesses need Big Protection

Posted on 23 September 2015

The need for security in today’s society is greater than ever before but this could be more to do with the fact that technology has advanced to incorporate so much of our lives and in turn, our personal data rather than society becoming more uncivilised. Our phones contain our personal data, including our life history (Facebook) and our financial details, as well as private conversations. It’s true to say that our businesses are mobile now and in some cases what once would have been locked away in a safe, is now carried in our pockets. This doesn’t mean however, that you should neglect security on your business property which at the end of the day is where your business operates and thrives. So what steps should a small business take to secure their profits and themselves?

Property Security


Obviously the first thing to make sure is that you have good security measures in place for protection against criminals and thieves. There was a train of thought that would-be thieves have improved their techniques for gaining entry and that they use advanced equipment to break and enter but this simply isn’t the case and methods haven’t really changed over the last 50 years. By installing steel doors or security gates and alarm systems, it acts as a visual deterrent that means those measures would hopefully never actually be tested. One visual deterrent to avoid, however, is a “beware of the dog” sign which generally gives the impression you don’t have an alarm. Automatic gates are great for displaying an outward boundary and barriers, although not always convenient, do show that you could be kitted-out (even if you are not) with strong security measures in place. Most thieves would just give up as most thieves are opportunists. A recent survey showed that 36% of security breaches were partly caused by human error and various mistakes, so don’t give thieves a helping hand, ensure you remain vigilant and cautious for the sake of your business.

Data Security

Business systems have to be protected just as much as your property, as they usually contain all of your sensitive data and financial details. Hackers can do immeasurable damage to your business and there now so many security options for backing up off-site that even if it’s just the hardware that gets damaged or stolen, at least the information is safe and secure.

Close-up of a lock icon on a computer keyboard button.  Blue-toned.

Cloud Storage offers an off-site solution, with data being backed up to a server elsewhere, which requires a specific login to access the data. Regular backups are important and can even be automated to make it easier for you and it’s also always advisable to install anti-virus software to ensure you don’t invite any unwanted viruses onto your system which can cause potential delays and havoc for your customers.


It’s a simple point to make but many businesses lose out to staff theft or fraud and this can come from internal or external sources. It’s vital that you maintain vigilance and security-awareness inside your business and this can include having a safe for financial documents, keys or alarm codes/fobs and loose cash. Only tell your supervisory staff or management team or those that need to know. It is fine to trust your staff but with financial statements and other sensitive data, its best to stay on the safe side and be as vigilant as possible.

Regular checking of your business accounts is a good habit to get into and you can check your bank details online if you setup online banking, this way you can check for unusual or irregular activity within minutes. Also, as a business owner make sure you get commercial property insurance and general liability insurance to cover your operations, this will just add peace of mind for accidents and injuries which could run up large bills.

These basic points, if followed, should deter thieves and internal would-be thieves from stealing and will allow your business to concentrate on what matters; making money.

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