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Continental Shutters

Continental shutters are incredibly popular in France and Germany, where nearly all domestic properties have them installed. This has earned continental shutters the nickname ‘European shutters’. They have been extremely popular with households for a number of years, and this has been predominately because they are pleasing to the eye whilst proving solid security to your property. As well as domestic properties, there are a number of businesses that use continental shutters for their security needs. These include office blocks, schools, surgeries and tourist information centres.

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The aim with every shutter is to ensure that the highest level of security is achieved but not to make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. It is important for a home or business to be pleasing to the eye, and continental shutters are the best type of shutter to accomplish this. There is a nice balance of style and substance with continental shutters that make them one of the most highly recommended security shutters on the market.

When fitted to your windows and doors, continental shutters send a clear message to potential intruders that your home is kitted out with the best security applications around and you are serious about keeping them out and away from your property. The shutters can be activated either manually or by electrically. This gives you extra flexibility and gives elderly or disabled customers the opportunity to have the best possible security shutters without having to manually operate them, which takes time and effort. When continental shutters are not in use they can be rolled up out of sight in a above your doors and window frames. But when they are down, they are not just great for security but also fantastic at keeping the warmth in your home, potentially saving you money on heating bills.

We have many trained experts who are happy and willing to discuss your requirements and help you make the right decision in choosing the right continental shutters for your home or business. To find out more about our array of products, get in touch by either filling in the simple to use contact form of contacting us directly on 020 8640 9989.

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