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Electric Shutters

Electric shutters have all the benefits of regular roller shutters, but with the added bonus of being able to be controlled by the push of a button, saving you the extra trouble of pulling down or pushing up your shutter every morning and last thing at night. This is especially helpful for elderly or disabled people who are looking to increase security to their windows and doors at home or at work but have not previously considered shutters because of the manual work it would require. An electric shutter can put every person’s mind to rest and provide you with the highest level of security to your property.

As well as being able to control the shutters with the aid of a button, you can also set the shutters to come up or down at set times with an easy to use alarm setting system. This means you can rest assured that your home or business can get the right amount of exposure to light by setting the electric shutter to open for an hour in the middle of the day but also be safe in the knowledge that the shutter will come down at the end of the hour and keep providing the security required.

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Electric shutters are made from aluminium and steel, providing heavy duty security that rapidly decreases the risk of intruders entering your home and any damage to windows and doors by criminal damage or adverse weather conditions. There is no compromise on the quality and the aesthetic of the shutters will be designed to be in keeping to the rest of your property.

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