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Painted Shutters

Nowadays we are all told that we need to be more security conscious but how do we strike a balance between protecting our properties and maintaining a friendly feel in our buildings? After all, we may want to scare away thieves and vandals but we do not want to alienate our customers. In this instance a painted shutter would be recommended as they are more aesthetically pleasing than their steel look or industrial counterparts.

Our Painted Shutters Can Enhance The Look of Your Property

Our shutters can be painted or powder coated in a range of colours so that they fit in with the rest of your property. Popular colours include white, blue, green and brown. Whilst being much easier on the eye you can rest assured that they do not compromise on the level of protection that they offer. They can also be perforated to let in natural light and ventilation when closed and they close away in to a discreet head box when open.

We make painted shutters for many different applications such as shops, schools, surgeries and offices. All of our shutters are made to your exact specifications to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Protect your property and your people effectively by choosing the trusted team at SGG to manufacture the very best painted shutters.

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