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Perforated Shutters

Retail properties always have the threat of vandalism and burglaries hanging over them, and it can be stressful to leave your premises unattended at night, especially in high risk areas. One way to protect yourself against these threats and yet still have an opportunity to show off what is great about your store when it is locked up is to install a perforated shutter.

A huge advantage of having a perforated shutter installed onto your retail premises instead of the regular product is that it is designed with the needs of your business in mind. The sleek and stylish design gives your property a fantastic, modern look and the punctured vision design means that the window display of your shop can still be on display long after your store has closed. The double advantage of having great security and being able to show off your products to potential customers around the clock is a bonus that shouldn’t be ignored.

Our Team Have The Skills to Adjust To Meet Your Requirements

When having perforated shutters fitted to the exterior of your property, you can have a variety of special features added to take the security and design of your product to optimum levels. These include a powder coating of various colours depending on your need. You can also have your shutter in an electric or manual setting, with a remote control system to aid ease of use.

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