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Steel Shutters


When choosing the right security shutter for your property, you will want to feel assured that they are made from the sturdiest possible materials that will ensure that your property has the optimum amount of security day and night. A steel shutter is the guarantee that you are looking for. The word ‘steel’ evokes the feeling of toughness and rigidity that you expect from security goods, and a steel shutter delivers on that feeling. Made from solid steel for that extra protection, a steel shutter will provide maximum security for any application, whether it be a factory, garage, school or retail outlet. There are a number of applications that would benefit from a steel shutter, and the specifications can be altered so that your property can be protected too.

Why Protect Your Property with Solid Steel Shutters?

Whether it is security from burglars and thieves, criminal damage or adverse weather conditions, your windows and doors need the best possible protection from any situation, throughout the year. Steel shutters provide the reassurance you need by enabling nothing or no one to gain access to your property, and with the thickness of steel protecting your goods, your property will be fully insulated too. Also, by adding powder coating, you can also create an anti-corroding galvanised shutter. If you’re looking for an impenetrable defence, look no further.

We want the properties of our customers to be protected and still look the part, so every piece of work we manufacture is given the utmost care and consideration to ensure that our name is synonymous with top quality service and workmanship.

If you want to ensure the protection of your property and people, call our professional and trusted team here at SGG and let us help you achieve the best possible protection by manufacturing the very best steel shutters for you. To find out more about our array of products, get in touch by either filling in the simple to use contact form of contacting us directly on 020 8640 9989.

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